Training program

iMED offers a personalized research and training programme, focusing at six main competence areas (figure). An individual career development plan (CDP) including research, technical and transferable courses, international research visits, mentoring and career activities, is a central element ensuring career progress throughout the training period.



Figure 4. Fellow competences

Research proficiency: Scientific knowledge and method, good analytical skills, lateral thinking, and advanced research technologies

Communication and dissemination: Public responsibility and engagement, media types, journalistic writing, oral and written scientific presentation

Research governance: Professional conduct, ethics, data, risk and project management, gender and sex in research, open access

Innovation and entrepreneurship: Pitching, developing and protecting ideas and inventions, IPR in collaborations, commercialization of inventions

Personal competences: Prioritization, time management, self-reflection, responsibility, engagement, mentoring skills, life balance

Collaboration: Team work, equity and diversity, stakeholder awareness, international and intersectoral understanding, organisation skills









Research Proficiency